Name:Shinjiro Hanata

Shinjiro Hanata




Shinjiro is Calm nearly all the time unless hes in a fight and is struggling of course. Other than that he seems to be most likely the second strongest person in Xcution having the power to even stop a judge. He follows his orders and do what is told and teaches others.
Shinjiro's Main theme

Shinjiro's Main theme


  • Shinjiro In his Card Holder's World.
  • Shinjiro's Inferno Blast
  • Shinjiro Using Scramble and His Eyes of Mida's

There isn't much info about him either except hes a teacher in the rain nation and teaches students at his rain dojo gathering info on them and doing the mission he was given by Masakaki. Unlike the other Xcutions Hes the only Xcutioner who has taken on Hinoka and survived(Masakaki Never Fought Hinoka) The reason he was fighting hinoka is unknown. He is also the only Xcutioner to Take on Masakaki in a Gamble(word for fight or something). However He has many weaknesses in using most of his powers since it is almost equal to a Sage but doesn't come close to one. Apparently Whenever he uses his Eyes of Mida's in Battle He losses a Large amount of blood afterwords and faints. His powers which include mostly Cards and A Move taught to him by Masakaki give him headaches from time to time. He is also the One who found Kirana When she was just a baby and is also the one who trained her.

And the Reason on how he and why he joined Xcution is currently unknown. He is considered Wanted in a Couple of Nations other than Rain and Leaf.


Scramble:Is a Bunch of Cards that come from under his sleeves and Are very sharp and they can cut enemies up badly.

Eye of Mida's

Card of Mida's

Shinjiro holding his Card of Mida's

Shinjiro Holding His Card of Mida's

Shinjiro Using his Eye of Mida's

Shinjiro Using his Eye's of Mida's

Two Over One Mida's Gambler

Quick Pace

Tremendous Strength


Card Holder:Traps the Opponent and the user in a world where the user has control but has very limited time access to using this.
Masakaki's Two Over One Mida's Gambler

Two over One Mida's Gambler

Inferno blast: he can fire a beam from just the tip of his finger.