The nation of Naru, summoning Naru himself.

Narukami city is famous for its gifted fighters. This city is said to give birth to future legends. The city is also a tourist attraction, holding many mueseums and libraries. Although, there is a rumor that says the 5 labratories in this city holds many dark secrets. Whether this is true or not is unknown, but what is known is that each laboratory is arranged so it forms a pentagram in the city. There is a tower in the center of the city.


"Long ago, Hinoka made the world. The first city created was Narukami. He named the city Narukami, due to the howling of the Banshee rumored to live around it." is the legend of the cities creation.

"Hinoka took the soil and blew it into the wind, screaming at the top of his lounges. From the soil, the god Naru was born. Naru is short for Narukami, "Howling God". It is said Naru watches over the city and only appears when the city is in great danger."

Narukami city is just in the center, the nation of Naru is very big. The 5 laboratories are said to react and glow blue, thus beginning the summoning of Naru.

Naru is very kind, but her voice is deadly. Once she begins her song, death only awaits.


Naru, about to sing.