Personality and AppearanceEdit

Mizuki is a happy girl, sarcastic and willing to become friends with almost anyone. She jokes
  • Mizuki
  • Mizuki with her blade of fire
around with her friends, and can be cocky at times, though it's always in a joking manner. She's usually smiling and has an air of confidence floating around her at all times. She likes reading and watching anime whenever she can. She has long black hair that falls over one of her eyes. Her eyes are a dark lavender. Her usual outfit is a white blouse, with a blue plaid vest, and a blue skirt. She wears black thigh-high stockings and lace up boots that reach just below her knees.


Mizuki is an elemantal. She can control elements and form temperorary blades out of them, though they don't last very long time, but depending on the element they're made of they can be very strong or very weak. The elements she can control so far are, lightning, fire, and she has slight control over water. Though she's not much of a fighter she can be one if it's needed. Her powers aren't very strong, but she plans on making them better through training.


Mizuki was raised in a broken household, full of fights. She never spoke up when they happened, simply standing by and watching, until she finally decided it was enough. These fights were ridiculous, but she couldn't get them to stop. So she gave up and ran away, traveling to different cities and eventually different worlds. She never really stayed in one place, and never really made any friends due to that fact. But, she's decided to stay here for a while, and hopefully make some friends, maybe even be able to call this place home.

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