Magic pathway system

Mages are those who pracitse magic. A mages strength depends on two important things: Theyre physical and mental strength.

Training is very difficult, and is often life threatening(that is, in the Divine Arena. On earth it might be different, but who knows). The magic pathway system is also KEY to a mages powers.

Mages ranks are divided into the following-

Summoner- A mage who excels in summoning.

Blacksmith- A mage who can create magic weapons and who specializes in subdueing weapon combatinists.

Meister- a mage who specializes in a weapon(s)

Healer- A mage who excels in healing magic.

Elemental- a mage who specializes in an element(s)

Scanner- A mage who uses theyre eyes to see through any technique or opponent. Can also use specific moves according to what kind of eyes you use.

Slayer- A mage who can use a specific magic to slay a being (Ex: Dragon slayer, Banshee slayer, God slayer, etc.) Although, in order to learn this magic, one must be taught from said being. There is also a way to gain this magic through surgical methods, like implanting a Dragon crystal(diamond or any rock filled with a dragons magic) in someone.

Animagus- A mage who can transform into an animal(s), or can turn body parts into said animal(s)

Quincy- A mage who can make weapons and control theyre own body with theyre powers, they are also known as "Monks of Destruction".

Yamikaze- a mage who uses dark magic.

Deadmen- A mage who uses blood in combat; can control blood to an extent and can sometimes even manipulate people like a puppet using theyre blood. Although this can be resisted with enough mental and physical strength.

Sonar- A mage who uses sound magic/echo location. Commonly used to track, it can be employed in deadly ways.

Kido- A set of attack spells: A common form of magic for most mages.

Bakudo- a set of support/shield/trap spells, also a common form of magic.

Sage- A mage who specializes in all of the ranks above. A sage is very rare and almost all good sages are in Hinokas army. A sage is a very difficult rank to gain, due to having to master all forms of magic.