Luna is a young summoning mage who dreams of becoming a sage.

Appearance- Luna is a girl of average height and weight with long blonde hair and brown eyes. She normally wears a tan shirt with a necklace and blue shorts. When in battle, she wears a special uniform(s) designed by her summons.

Backround- Luna grew up in a sheltered home, where she was taught magic at an incredibly young age. Coming from a family of Sages and Mages, she held natural talent. When Luna turned 13, she began training to be a summoning mage. Now, at age 17, she starts her adventure to become a Sage through meeting many fighters in tournaments.

Personality- Shes very kind and accepting. Mess with her friends though, shell summon a whole army to take ya down. Shes very understanding and only wishes to help others.

As a summoning mage, Luna holds the ability to summon various creatures/beings to assist h

Her combat/training/travel clothes

er. Her kotodama(incantation) is "OPEN! GATE TO THE-" when summoning a spirit.

Tsubasa- A giant eagle which specializes in electric moves. Tsubasa is often summoned for transporation or quick and stealthy attacks.

Pegasus- a winged horse with blue flames coming from it, Pegasus specializes with fire, and is used for either transportation and or mid air combat.

Plue- a small snow- dog- carrot nosed- thing: Lunas companion and her very first summon. Plue serves as Lunas familiar and is very wise.

Crux- Crux holds a vast knowledge of Divine Arena, memorizing every single rule of every single tournament.'
  • Tsubasa
  • Pegasus, full power.
  • Plue
  • Crux
  • Lyra
  • Hologorium
  • Tauras
  • Cancer
  • Aquarius
  • Virgo

Lyra- She specializes in sound and echo-location; she often plays traveling and battle music for Luna.

Hologorium- A grandfather clock; he specializes in time magic, capable of healing. Although,' he can not bring back the dead.

Tauras- a large humanoid like cow, he wields a large axe. He has immense strength and can cause large craters with a single punch. He also uses earth magic.

Cancer- a dark skinned man with a crabs shell and legs on his back; he wields two scissors which can grow and transform into two twin blades.

Aquarius- Her strongest spirit, Aquarius is a mermaid who uses water magic. Although, Luna struggles to control her, so she tries not to summon her that much.

Virgo- Lunas trusted maid, she is one of Lunas most loyal summons. She refers to Luna as "Hime-sama" and will often say "Im ready for my punishment" even if shes done nothing wrong. She is very skilled in earth-metal magic and is a master martial arts specialist.

(More to come =w=)