Kagami is a nineteen year old mage who uses Pict-Magic. She doesn't really share much about her background or where she used to live, only that she decided to leave and travel to try and better her skills as a Pict-Magic user. Most of the time she can usually be found sitting off to the side as the others battle, drawing in her sketchbook.


Kagami as she usually appears when in the normal city


Kagami stands at average height with long brown hair and eyes. She typically is seen wearing jeans with a tan, long sleeved shirt and a dark brown undershirt. She also usually has a necklace on, though it's usually hidden by her shirt.


She usually has a very shy temperment but once she gets use to people though she is very kind and a little outgoing, she does not seem to get angry easily unless someone hurts the people she becomes close to.


Kagami has a talent for Pict-Magic, which allows the user to summon their drawing(s) to life.

  • Bombs- A common summoning used by Kagami in most situations
  • Knives/Daggers- A summoning Kagami will mostly use for close combat
  • Animal Summonings- Kagami can summon an animal to aid her in battle for a short time, this tends to be a bit of a trickier summoning

She is still trying to perfect her skills as a Pict-Magic user.