Three Dragons and Faust2

A few dragons, before being sent to Divine Arena

Dragons live in a special district in Divine Arena, and often remain in human form. Dragons once roamed the Earth, but the god of the world collected all the dragons and brought them to Divine Arena, so they may train and be able to use theyre powers without fearing or killing innocent humans.

Although, it is rumored that some dragons still remain on earth, and some live in a completely different world then Earth and Divine Arena.

Even in the world of Divine Arena, dragons are rare. It is said that they are hiding somewhere, no one knows where though. Slayers say the same thing: One day they just went missing. Maybe the dragons are preparing for something important? Who knows, although the common theory is the Dragon King and God, Ryuuzen, ordered them all to train Dragon Slayers then vanish, so they can defeat the dragon of the apocalypse, Apocalyptica.
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A drawing, depicting Apocalyptica


The dragon of the apocalypse, this dragon is said to signal the end of the world. This dragon is said to control darkness and death. Nothing else is known about Apocalyptica.


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A drawing, depicting Ryuuzen

The dragon king and god, Ryuuzen is said to be very humble and kind, like Hinoka, he loves the youth. Ryuuzen is said to be immune to all elements, and his scales are said to purify any evil. Nothing else is known about Ryuuzen, except that he loves humans.