Likes and DislikeEdit

  • Likes
    • Azule before the wreck
    • Normal Royal Gaurd Uniform
    • Normal look
    • Tilan(Prussia bitch XD)
  1. Coffee
  2. Sleeping
  3. working on robot parts
  4. Reading
  5. Magic
  6. Bunnys
  7. Ice cream
  8. Super star Tilan Rain(Made him up XD)
  • Dislikes
  1. Hyperness
  2. Sillyness
  3. Dumbness
  4. Any word with "ness" at the end
  5. Emos
  6. Goths
  7. Suicidul people(Emos)
  8. Tilan's mom.


She has dark blue hair and her eye color changes.She is 14-15 and is very short for her age although she is a well trained(programmand) fighter. She is like any normal girl, but when she is working or in battle, her programmed self takes over, makeing her cold and serious.


She is the youngest of three siblings, she grew up with her older brother and older sister living in a tall house.When she was 4 she was in a car wreck and lost her left arm and leg. She almost didn't make it but the God she now protects today saved her by makeing her into a cyborg. She is also a ninja but uses her skills as a gaurd. She was normaly a water/snow mage at first but her new skills and abilitys happend after the wreck. She doesnt relly take part in the main events that happen but if her older sister or brother ask her to, she will. Tilan is also a very good friend of hers.

Her workshop and skills in robot re-pairsEdit

She has a small shop where she builds parts, re-pairs parts, and re-news parts. Its a small shop and sometimes she will have costumers or just sit in there for long periods of time. She also builds Androids. She also only wears baggy cargo pants and a black T-shirt there.

Her workshop(pretend the chick in the frege and the chick in the back aint there)

Eye colors and meaningsEdit

Blue- normal

Yellow- serious

Green- Scanning

White- Shut down

Purple- Happy

Orange- Sick

Black- unknown